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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  October 14, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm BST

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of different ages from all sorts of different ages from all sorts of different places, it was quite nice. if anything, i find different places, it was quite nice. ifanything, ifind is different places, it was quite nice. if anything, ifind is inspirational but they can feel like they can come back into education and, yes, it's really interesting. they all seem to have a lot more knowledge. worries as age shouldn't be a barrier to anyone wanting a new challenge later in life. —— maureen says. anyone wanting a new challenge later in life. —— maureen saysi anyone wanting a new challenge later in life. -- maureen says. i say go at it. older people are capable of being up to a challenge. they have been through life would have had to meet many challenges. —— where they have had to meet. will take you to america, albuquerque, were thousands of people have gathered to watch a mass ascension of hot air balloons on the last weekend of the international balloon fiesta in new mexico. the festival — which is held in against the backdrop of the region's desert landscape — includes inflatable characters hovering over the city, as well as hundreds of the traditional hot air balloons. is it hot air ballooning whether?
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let's speak to matt taylor. hello there, lukwesa. it is 18 degrees at the moment in london, sheffield and hull, and the wind generally coming from a sunny direction. outbreaks of rain, wind touching gale force later on. elsewhere temperatures stay in the teens as we start sunday morning. a fair bit of cloud around, particularly in the north and the west. wet and windy across parts of
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northern ireland and scotland. much of england and wales will be dry, but if you see breaks in the clouds, could see 23 or even 2a across some parts. it is the republic of ireland who will bear the worst of this storm as it hits the south west on monday morning. but even for us, we could see winds gusting up to 80 mph for those around the irish sea. details just before eight. hello. this is bbc news with lukwesa burak. the headlines: a canadian kidnapped with his wife and held for nearly five years by the taliban has been talking of their ordeal, including the murder of their baby daughter. movie mogul harvey weinstein could be thrown out of the academy that awards the oscars after multiple accusations of sexual assault — the board is holding crisis talks this evening. tougher sentences for attackers
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who maim their victims with acid, including prison sentences of at least six months for repeat offenders, under new government proposals. time to cross to the bbc sport centre now for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday, with me, olly foster, and holly hamilton. hello there, these are our headlines this evening: a masterclass from manchester city. they're top of the table after hitting seven past stoke. they're glad it's all over — the losing streak, that is. palace stun chelsea with their first goals and points of the season. and in the champions cup, leicester tigers are overpowered in the parisian sunshine. good evening, lots coming up over the next half an hour,
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we'll have a close look at the european rugby, golf and tennis but the return of the premier league after the international break has thrown up some incredible results. olly has beenjoined byjohn bennett and has all the details. many thanks. we have had the last of those results, and injury time winner at vicarage road. plenty of drama today, but just across vicarage road. plenty of drama today, butjust across town, the etihad stadium, my word. nine goals, seven, that's seven, from manchester city. a frightening performance for all the other so—called contenders. 7/2 to win, kevin de bruyne didn't score, raheem sterling did, but kevin de bruyne was outstanding, man of the match without any doubt. the pass of the season, perhaps, a lovely cross to gabrieljesus, david silva on the scoresheet. the two
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silvas scoring, they can score from anywhere. 8396 silvas scoring, they can score from anywhere. 83% possession. silvas scoring, they can score from anywhere. 8396 possession. stoke got back into it, 3—2 at one stage but then they moved through the gears, and pep guardiola, as you would expect, delighted. we have to be happy for the victory, especially the way we played, we had the ball, we don't lose easy balls, we play fast and simple, because that is the best way to play, and that is why i am very pleased. we were playing in the flow, in the moment, not only me, the way we were scoring, everybody was laying off to each other, nobody was going for themselves, and it looks wonderful to see the goals, it is not like an individual action, so every body is involved and it makes it really, really nice. and you have a quality player, world—class player like kevin de bruyne, who basically didn't
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like what he was seeing and so, i'm going to grab hold of this game by the scruff of the neck and take this game away from stoke city, and that's what he did. he was absolutely world—class, and i would argue he is the best player in the premier league by a country mile, given how he can affect games. ididn't making i didn't making captain of my fa ntasy tea m, i didn't making captain of my fantasy team, though! you'd think that would be the result of the day. but down at the bottom of the table, crystal palace. wilfried zaha got the winner against the champions. nobody saw this coming. roy hodgson got his tactics spot on, 2—1victory and they went for it today. 731 minutes it had been since their last goal, so this seven match losing run is over, chelsea were poor and they are now nine points behind manchester city. wilfried zaha
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wilfried za ha with wilfried zaha with a good pass from sakho, the finish was superb. he played 90 minutes on his return, and there is a worrying gap opening up between chelsea and manchester city at the top of the table. chelsea we re at the top of the table. chelsea were poor without n'golo kante. but roy hodgson was really proud of his players. really enjoyable, i've got to say. they really deserve to drink in that victory, playing a team with fantastic quality players, and yet i thought we came off the field today having deserved our victory. we created lots of goal chances, and our defending was good from the first minute to the last. so it's a very satisfying win. we know very well that the situation is not great, because we are in an emergency, we have different injuries, and for sure, this is not simple for us, and to face this moment. but i think we have to continue to work, and we have to try to overcome these injuries, this problem.
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so, chelsea losing a bit of ground. we will see the table in a moment. we saw how manchester city went two points clear at the top of the table — that's after manchester united dropped points at liverpool. just like last season, it was a very drab goalless draw with very few chances created. adam wild reports. at anfield, you are never too farfrom a reminder of liverpool's rich past, a club with plenty to remember and cherish. the man they call the king, kenny dalglish, honoured with a stand in his name. but as well as looking back, there was plenty to look forward to. a rivalry which has produced unforgettable moments, it was manchester united who took aim first in an attempt to add more. that was missing. at the other end, joel matip's shot wasn't. it took an astonishing save from david de gea to stop
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the reds going ahead. united's big moment came before the break, romelu lukaku's finding space but another goalkeeper infine form. first half few opportunities. the second half had even fewer. emre can's chance should have given liverpool something. the disappointment around anfield was clear. the day whether club's pass was remembered, but an occasional larger to forget. adam wild, bbc news. still a few talking points out of this. both managers had a go at each other. united have had a soft start to the season, and this was their first big match. did they fail it, 01’ first big match. did they fail it, or do you think they will be happy with a point? i thinkjose mourinho will be happy with a point, but we all thought they would be a bit more ambitious this season. liverpool going into this game had the third worst defence in the league, and
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everybody was saying that klopp haven't even tightened up their defence. the likes of anthony martial, mkhitaryan, they didn't get the best out of them. jose mourinho has a terrible record against klopp, only one win in eight games, but the managers had a few words to exchange after the game. we fought again, worth three points, unlucky and at least two situations, probably three, i'm not sure, i didn't see it properly so far, the big chance we had when de gea made a brilliant save, so were talking probably about an inch on the boot. brilliant play, a lot of brilliant individual performances. i was waiting for them to make an offensive change, to try more to take out can or wijnaldum, which i was waiting for, but he never did it. he is very offensive,
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very offensive, but 90 minutes with the same system, with the same players, he didn't try anything, he was afraid of our counterattack. we will see what klopp makes of that, inserts certainly sets up the next match at old trafford. the only goaljust after half—time, hugo lloris pulled off a couple of good saves. jermaine defoe against his old club had a good chance, but finally they get that first win at wembley, and if they can continue to have a great away record plus wins at home, they really good challenge. here is pochettino.
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i think the second half was much better and we created good chances. it is always so difficult, but i think the performance was good, it wasn't great, but it was good and enough to win the three points. champions league next week, and a trip to realm and, that will be interesting. slightly different one of the time. more action coming up for in the late kick—off at vicarage road. we saw that rarest of sites, a per mertesacker goal, but watford came from behind, beat 2—1. jim lumsden reports. the banner roughly tra nslates lumsden reports. the banner roughly translates as with greater boldness, and watford's players had so far
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subscribed. a win would lift them into the top four. a 6—0 thumping by manchester city, no shame in it. arsenal had mesut ozil on the bench and alexis sanchez injured, speculation both may be allowed to leave in january. speculation both may be allowed to leave injanuary. per mertesacker step forward in his first league start in almost a year and a half with a first league goal in most four. arsenal were humbled by liverpool in august, now they had w011 liverpool in august, now they had won six of the last seven games. ozil was introduced, and immediately the gunners seemed to move up another gear. then hector bellerin got clumsy, deemed to have caused a foul, and substitute troy deeney had his first goal of the season. watford pressed further, deep into injury time, tom cleverley struck, and the side were up in the champions league places. good form clearly no flash in the pan. that match seemed to turn with troy deeney coming on. you wonder why he didn't start, but he had a fantastic
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impact. yes, and the turning point was the mesut ozil chance, if he scores that, too— zero, it is all over. but gomez read it, didn't he? really poor finish from a player under pressure, his contact up at the end of the season. third premier league defeat of the season for arsenal. when chelsea won the league, only four defeats all season, when leicester won, only three all season, and it is early october and they have all the lost three. you won't budget them as title contenders? arsene wenger was ruling them out. but they are not, let's face it. no alexis sanchez, or aaron ramsey, either. he's having a break, apparently, tiredness. and watford going great guns at the moment, couple of other results to bring you. burnley against west ham, their record signing. four minutes from time, antonio giving west ham
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the lead, but it was andy carroll's sending—off giving them the distance. two bookings in 99 seconds, west ham fans will not be happy, it was pretty controversial. west ham players not happy with the rest, 1—1 in the end. west ham players not happy with the rest, 1-1 in the end. swansea, the last match of the day. tammy abraham scored both goals, theirfirst points at home at the liberty. they are under pressure with paul clement, so it is a big win for them. the second one was going in any way, giving it a final touch afterjordan ayew almost found the back of the net, so a really big win for paul clement and swansea city. we have given you all the results. let's have a look at what is coming up let's have a look at what is coming up tomorrow. let's have a look at the table as it
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stands. manchester city now two points clear after manchester united dropped points. and look at watford, in the champions league places, and that point gap between chelsea and manchester city, nine points, the gap now. important late point for burnley as well, so they are not only are miles away either. liverpool with another draw, and it is that column there that has really cost them. down at the bottom, crystal palace, does that feel better. three points, you are on the board, and they will be feeling a lot happier about themselves. brighton are facing everton tomorrow, and you can see they are both just a couple of points above the relegation zone. and leicester in the bottom three, a massive game against west bromwich albion on monday. that's the premier league taken care of — back to you holly, for the rest of the day's football. thanks, olly. let's head over to molineux first of all where wolves are looking to go top of the championship as they take on aston villa.
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they had a convincing 2—0 victory over aston villa. they had to wait until the second half to make the breakthrough, coming from diego da rter‘s breakthrough, coming from diego darter‘s goal. wolves are now two points clear at the top. elsewhere preston drew 2—2 at fulham, to move into fifth place above leeds, who suffered their first home defeat of the season — 1—0 to reading. and for now, sheffield united are level on points with cardiff at the top of the championship table, thanks to their 1—0 win at home to ipswich. borehamwood are through to the first round proper of the fa cup after beating their hertfordshire rivals st albans 3—1 in the fourth qualifying round. bruno andrada scored twice and shaun jeffers put away a cracking goal. borehamwood will find out who they meet on monday, when clubs from the english football league enter the first round draw. go to the bbc sport website for all the day's results. in the scottish premiership,
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celtic remain on top — but only on goal difference. they beat dundee 1—0 — olivier cham with the goal. aberdeen's win at hibernian means they keep up the pressure — sitting level on points with the champions. there were also wins for motherwell and hearts — and kilmarnock had their first win of the season. and watching from the stands was their new manager steve clarke, the former west brom and reading boss. he was named this morning and will take over on monday. and ten man hearts picked up only their third win of the season. it was owen cole's first match in charge of county. and the bbc sport website is the place to go for news on all today's matches in the second round of the scottish cup. england's under—17s have topped their group at the world cup, after a 4—0 win against iraq in kolkata. manchester united's angel gomes scored the opening goal and set up the second, before reading's danny loader added two more. victory gives the three lions maximum points
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from their three group matches — and they'll face japan in the last 16 on tuesday. still to come, the archer who believes he can use his mind to hit the target — and win a world title. this arrow is going in the middle because i'm the best archer in the world. i'm the best archer in the world because i'm patrick huston and i shoot arrows in the middle. you are right up to date with the football. it's the opening weekend in rugby union's european champions cup. bath and harlequins started their campaigns today, we'll have the latest from their matches in a moment leicester tigers had a tough opener in france, they were beaten 22—18 in paris by racing. patrick gearey reports. the pool stage offers many physical challenges,
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but dealing with heat isn't usually one of them. this looked like paris in the springtime, not before, and within three minutes, racing were chasing the silhouettes tigers. from such promising shoots, leicester then wilted. racing have a reputation for signing rugby's big stars. leone nakarawa and racing were rampant. they worked it out to teddy thomas to add a third. the tigers now needed their own showman. jonny may is their wideboy, pick him out on the wing and watch him go. seven tries in seven games. leicesterjust four behind, but the half taken its toll. points dried up in the sunshine. the tigers had to make do with a losing bonus point, but in this competition, every point is hard earned. patrick geary, bbc news. that champions cup pool one clash between la rochelle and harlequins is under way and it's been lively at the stoop.
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seven tries scored, half, four of them from the french. fewer points at the wreck, but bath scored all of them. bath spent most of the first half defending against beneton treviso and yet still won 23—0. this excellent move finished by zach mercer is the only try so far. three—time champions leinster began their champions cup campaign with a bonus point 24—17 victory over montpelier. joey carbery scored the first of four tries for the irish side. five games today in all — the premiership champions exeter are up against the unbeaten pro 1a leaders galsgow in the next hour and the russian side krasny yar pulled off one of the biggest shocks in the history of club rugby when they marked their debut in european competition by beating challenge cup holders edinburgh, newcastle and worcester
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were also winners today. that's the second year in —— the second tier in the european competition. to tennis now. former world number one maria sharapova has reached her first final since returning from a drugs ban. she beat peng shuai in straight sets at the tianjin open — she'll face arnya sabalenka of belarus for the title. old rivals rafael nadal and roger federer will meet in the final of the shanghai masters. nadal‘s resurgence continued with a straight—sets win over marin cilic. the world number one has now won 16 straight matches and is looking for a seventh title of the season. federer came from a set down to beat juan martin del potro. he has faced nadal three times this year, twice in finals, and the swiss has won on each occasion. england's matt wallace will take a two—shot lead into the final
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round of the italian open in monza. he sank some really impressive putts in a round of 67, to move to 17 under—par. he's just ahead of the defending champion, italy's francesco molinari, and another englishman, tyrrell hatton, who won the alfred dunhill links title last weekend. in motogp, yamaha'sjohann zarco claimed pole position at the japanese grand prix. with just one minute remaining in a wet session, zarco clocked the quickest time ahead of ducati's danilo petrucci. it's zarco's second pole in his debut motogp season. marc marquez — who leads the championship by 16 points — will also be on the front row. they say it's important to have a positive mental attitude — the idea that you can achieve anything with self belief. well, belfast archer patrick huston has taken that to a whole new level. he's goint to represent great britain at the world championships in mexico where he's hoping his use of mental management techniques will help him win a world title.
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david mcdaid has been to meet him. this arrow is going in the middle because i'm the best arch in the world. i'm the best archer in the world because i'm patrick huston and i shoot arrows in the middle. a steady hand and a good a marquee, but so, it seems, is the power of the mind. strong, clean, powerful shots. archery is a sport of absolute repetition under pressure. it's10% physical and 90% mental. you need to have that belief and that mental consistency to be able to follow through with that shot that you've learned and practised so well in that exact given moment. the more you talk about, think about and write about something, the more likely it is to happen. it's certainly happening so farfor him. this positive visualisation has helped set world records, make the olympics and break into the world's top 20.
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in fact, the gb team as a whole are having one of their best seasons yet, despite losing their lottery funding after the rio games. quite a few of the archers we have had that were previously professional still competing a lot, but they are out doing academy coaching, finding private clients, and the thing about that is that because they're thinking about their archery in a more disciplined way, they are actually getting better themselves, but it's giving them a motivation and the passion behind it that they have perhaps lost. so he tells himself used the world's best, but can huston actually become great britain's first world champion this week? somebody has to be the first one to win a world championship title. iam very i am very confident in my own abilities. iam having the best season yet, and i'm getting better all the time, so i'm confident i will be able to bring back some blink. and itself believe won medals, the gold would already be his. david mcpake, bbc news, shropshire. he is confident! positive mental
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attitude. i'm not sure about the flat cap, though. i think it would work very well on your! recapitalise top stories. manchester city top of the premier league after beating stoke 7—2. arsenal lost in injury time against watford, and another top story today is that of crystal palace, their first goals, their first points of the season, they are still bottom of the table, but they beat the champions chelsea. that's it. i've been olly, you've been holly, and that hasn't been confusing at all! that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening. good evening. we will have matt with the weather
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now! some wild weather heading towards our shores for the start of next week, but it isn't for everyone. the cause is hurricane ophelia, to the south of the azores and strengthened to a category three storm, the first time we have seen such a hurricane of this far east in the antics. but it is dragging in cold air on its western flank. it keeps it the warm airduring the its western flank. it keeps it the warm air during the night. it is north—west highlands and islands, wet and also windy, gales by the end of the night, temperatures 9—10dc. temperatures in their teens as we start sunday morning. lots of cloud elsewhere, a wet start for the north—west highlands and islands of scotland. the rain will ease a little bit and push across the rest of scotla nd little bit and push across the rest of scotland and northern ireland. the wind will ease down a touch, and
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you will see some brighter conditions after the wet start to sunday. the rest of scotland fairly cloudy, any breaks to the east of high ground. down through the afternoon, and maybe the odd splash of rain into cumbria by the time we finished the afternoon. western areas seeing more cloud than eastern parts. once you see the sunshine, temperatures up on what you see in the charts, maybe as high as 23 degrees across eastern areas. that ta kes degrees across eastern areas. that takes us into another warm night. only takes us into another warm night. o nly slowly takes us into another warm night. only slowly pushing its way northwards, and that could be the re m na nts of northwards, and that could be the remnants of ophelia pushing its way from the south. it is going to impact parts of the republic of ireland. gusts of wind in excess of 80 mph. we will notice across the uk that it 80 mph. we will notice across the uk thatitis 80 mph. we will notice across the uk that it is around the irish sea coasts where we that it is around the irish sea coasts where we see that it is around the irish sea coasts where we see there's damaging and destructive winds, 80 mph gusto
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possible, but some of the strongest coming into parts of northern ireland. central and eastern parts on monday not quite as windy, just a breeze, and also warm. through the night and into tuesday, the remnants of the storm pushes across scotland, but could have some impact into tuesday morning's rush hour. goodbye. this is bbc news. i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at 8pm: a canadian kidnapped with his wife and held for nearly five years in afghanistan speaks for the first time about their ordeal at the hands of the taliban. it will be of incredible importance to my family that we are able to build a secure sanctuary for our three surviving children to call our home and focus on edification and try to regain some portion of the childhood that they have lost. tougher sentences for the perpetrators of acid attacks — victims give a cautious welcome
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to proposals for minimum jail terms. the fear of going to jail is always a deterrent in some way, even if it's a small way. so a start is good as i'm saying, there's still more that needs to be done. also in the next hour — the hollywood establishment holds crisis talks over harvey weinstein. the academy of motion picture arts and sciences, which awards


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